29 June, 2015

Android Basics Tutorial, PPT, Demos : Workshop at OM VVIM - Morbi

I would like to share my experience of Android Expert Lecture at OM VVIM college - Morbi. First of all I am thankful of Respected Staff Members Especially Hardik Sir. It was very excellent Experience in My Life as a Teacher.
Lets talk  about what we have taken in Lecture:

Key Notes:

  1. What is Android?
  2. Why Android?
  3. Features of Android
  4. History of Android
  5. Android Architecture
  6. Android Application Components
  7. Creating First Android App
  8. Anatomy of Android Application
  9. Accessing Resources in Java
  10. Accessing Resources in XML
  11. Activity Life Cycle
  12. Service Life Cycle
  13. Intents
You can find here attached Android PPT File and some demos which we had learn in 
 our Workshop.

You can visit Java Robot Example :)

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